About the HOA

Light Farms on-site Home Owners Association (HOA) works hard to ensure beautiful streetscapes and front yards, well maintained common areas and immaculate exteriors, and gives you access to all our amenities.

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  • What Your HOA Fees Cover

    Access to Amenities

    4 pools, fitness center, tennis, pickleball, basketball, bocce ball, sand volleyball, hike & bike trails, central greenbelt for events, parks, playgrounds & more.

    Front Yard Maintenance

    Front yard maintence includes 40 visits per year, 8 weed & trims per year, and 3 chemical applications a year from Gold’s Landscaping.

    Alarm Monitoring

    Monthly alarm monitoring is included in your dues. (Phone line required for activation.)

    Common Area Maintenance

    We maintain the community pools, parks and landscaping to ensure the community always looks nice!

    Community Events

    Movie nights and concerts, Spring and Fall Festivals, pool parties and more!

    Your HOA dues save you both time and money.

    We've got you covered

    Dues include a home monitoring system, free of charge… all you need is a working landline. Did you know the average American spends 65 hours a year mowing their front lawn? Since dues include front yard maintenance, you get that time back to focus on what’s really important. You can also take advantage of the onsite, state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis courts, basketball and all other amenities which are included in your dues – so you can get your workout on without driving to the gym. And, you can relax by the pool or attend an HOA community event like frequent festivals, concerts, movie nights and more, which means a lot more family time, without the huge tab.

    Home Alarm Monitoring:

    Est. savings of $420 a year

    Yard Maintenance:

    Est. savings of $1,585 a year

    Gym Membership:

    Est. savings of $600 - $1,400 a year

    Average Total Savings: $3,445

    HOA Dues Based on Lot Size.

    HOA dues differ slightly based on the landscaping costs for different sized lots.

    For example, because it costs Gold Landscaping a few dollars more to mow a larger lot, that increased cost is accounted for in the assessments as a direct pass through. All other aspects of the assessments are the same regardless of lot size. The breakdown of assessments for each lot size are included below:

    For more information about this or other questions, please contact our HOA management representatives with Insight Association Management at their Light Farms office, 214-292-3484.

  • Taxes & MUD

    Light Farms is a Municipal Utility District ("MUD"),
    A special governmental entity created by the State of Texas.

    Light Farms is located in a Municipal Utility District ("MUD"), a special governmental entity created by the State of Texas. The annual property tax bill from the MUD replaces a City tax. The main functions of the MUD are to provide and maintain roads along with providing water, sewer, and drainage facilities within its boundaries. Republic Property Group, the developer of Light Farms, utilizes the MUD to extend miles of off-site water and sewer utilities and other major infrastructure for the community. Due to cost of creating a high quality community, Light Farms would not be possible without the MUD.

    The MUD tax is necessary to pay for its bonded indebtedness, general maintenance and operating expenses. It is tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. MUD rates vary (and generally decline) over time as the MUD’s operating and debt service costs are shared by more homeowners. The current MUD rate at Light Farms is $1.05 per $100 of the assessed property value. Once the indebtedness is retired, the MUD will likely be dissolved and Light Farms will become part of the City of Celina.

    Key Features of a MUD:
    • MUD Board members own property in the MUD subject to taxation and are elected by the voters in the MUD
    • MUD property tax is deductible on federal income tax, unlike assessments in other types of public financing districts

    The combined tax rate for Light Farms residents is 2.99%. This rate includes:

    Collin College: 0.081222

    Collin County: 0.0284

    Collin MUD #1: 1.05

    Prosper ISD: 1.67

    Total Tax Rate: 2.992056%

  • ETJ

    Light Farms is located in the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (“ETJ”) of Celina, Texas. The ETJ enables the City to extend regulations to adjacent land where development can affect quality of life within the city.

    ETJ regulations also help to ensure that subdivisions that may be annexed by Celina in the future meet certain minimum development standards. No City taxes are collected in an ETJ. Services such as public safety, road maintenance, and parks are provided by the County or special districts.


    The average water usage per household should be between 10k-12k gallons per month if watering properly, resulting in an average bill between $170 - $200 per month including garbage, recycling, etc. Because we are in the ETJ, this equates to a premium of around $50 - 65 per month.