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Realtor & Relocation Expert, Emily Yeatman’s Guide For The Big Move

From coast to coast, Dallas-Ft. Worth has become a veritable hotspot for those seeking economic opportunity, excitement and a more comfortable way of life. It comes as no surprise that Light Farms, a quaint, family-friendly community in Celina, is home to many new residents.

We teamed up with locally renowned realtor, Emily Yeatman, who’s a coastal native herself, to hear exactly why her family and so many others are flocking to North Texas.  “I was always keeping an eye on the different neighborhoods popping up,” says Emily Yeatman, Ebby Halliday realtor and Light Farms resident. “But the developers at Light Farms were different, they were innovative. There are always events going on–concerts, block parties, movies in the park for kids. There’s just so much to do!”

Less Fees. More Living.

Life at Light Farms comes with surprisingly nominal HOA dues. For less than half the price of an average car payment, residents have access to multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, bike trails, pristine yard maintenance, a state-of-the-art fitness center and more. “In other states, HOA dues can be astronomical,” says Yeatman. “You just don’t get what you pay for. But at Light Farms, it really does feel like a resort.”

What sets Light Farms apart from any other residential community in the metroplex is its close-knit community atmosphere and old-fashioned values. This is the type of living where everybody truly knows your name. Neighbors have close friendships with one another, kids are playing soccer, working lemonade stands and building lifelong bonds. In a world where people seem more plugged into their hand-held devices than the person standing next to them, the strong sense of community at Light Farms is a breath of fresh air. “This is always what I wanted for my family,” says Yeatman. “It’s nice to actually see kids playing outside instead of inside playing video games. There’s a sense of community here and you just can’t put a price tag on that.”

Take It From The Expert

Whether it’s due to a job relocation or just wanting a different lifestyle, Emily regularly gets emails and phone calls from people across the country planning their move to Texas. Many are young families who place a large emphasis on finding only the best schools and communities for their children. “The great thing about Celina is that at school all the kids are new. It’s so much easier for kids to make friends–parents, too.” Meanwhile, in coastal states residents are trying to balance work and family expenses while keeping up with ever-rising cost of living.

 According to Best Places, the median home cost in California is 221% more than Texas.


“On the west coast, private schools are expensive,” says Yeatman. “Parents are struggling to pay mortgage and just struggling to provide. In Texas, the housing is more affordable and great schools are right in your neighborhood. Dreams are more attainable here.” Perhaps that’s why Dallas-Ft. Worth has also seen an influx of corporations like Toyota and PGA relocating their headquarters to the metroplex. Not only does Texas allow them access to a fast-growing talent pool, but it enables a considerable increase in employee wellness, work-life balance, and ultimately, productivity. A Lone Star State way of life allows employees and their families the ability to live a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.


The Next Boomtown

It’s clear that the Celina area is where the growth is going. The close-knit community of Light Farms rests in an area where you get the best of both worlds. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Frisco to the south, and a quick jaunt to the mom & pop shop feel of downtown Celina to the north. “A lot of people know about Frisco, but the homes are older there,” says Yeatman. “Celina seems like the next boomtown. I looked at it as an investment.” Downtown Celina also brings a unique experience to visitors and residents alike. Locally owned cafes, ice cream parlors and clothing boutiques line the streets, offering patrons a sense of the past with a modern twist.

Whether you’re considering a move to Texas or are looking to relocate within the metroplex, Light Farms offers a quaint, comfortable environment for families to thrive. At this Celina oasis, a sense of community isn’t just an idea–it’s a lifestyle.

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