More Lakes and Trails to Discover

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constellation park light farms lake

With the addition of new neighborhoods Hazel, Parkview and Hawthorne, we’ve also created more lakes, green space and fully connected trails for you to enjoy. The trail you see here runs along the southern end of these three neighborhoods, winds around the lake system, and connects all the way down at Frontier Park. It’s the perfect spot for a morning jog, stroll at dusk or family bike ride! We personally love to grab a cup of coffee, journal and take in some quiet early morning moments while sitting on the surrounding benches, watching the water and feeling the breeze.

Interested in walking, but prefer a little company? Check with our HOA to find out how to join our newly-formed walking club! Want to go for a bike ride but don’t have a bike? No problem. Light Farms has 3 bikes (2 adult, one child) that you can borrow. Stop by the Information Center and grab a bike today!

In true Light Farms fashion, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. With the trails and lakes we continue to add, we hope to do just that for our residents. #lightfarms #activelifestyle

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