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How Light Farms and Other Master Planned Communities Are Changing in North Texas

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What comes to mind when you think of master planned communities?

If you’re thinking of gated communities, closed off neighbors, and country clubs, then you haven’t been to one of the new master planned communities in North Texas.

The Dallas Business Journalrecently visited Light Farms, an emerging master-planned community in Celina, Texas, and took note of just how much master-planned communities are changing. Instead of creating communities that are “fenced off and formulaic,” today’s modernized master planned communities are all about meeting the various needs of residents by way of providing amenities for all ages, an assortment of home styles and sizes, and experiences that bring the community together.

Amenities That Create A Sense of Community

Light Farms is thoughtfully designed around a passion of bringing people together, resulting in a more lively attitude and lifestyle overall. In a recent article published in the Dallas Business Journal, Co-CEO of Republic Property Group, the developing firm for Light Farms, Tony Ruggeri,shares that “Our main priority was to create a really engaging and strong sense of community. We wanted people to know their neighbors.”

To make this goal become a reality, Light Farms’ Lifestyle Coordinator works to plan more than 200 community events per year, such as, seasonal festivals, farmers markets, or movie nights by the lake. Many of these events are held at The Barn Yard,which serves as the community hub for all things active, including tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts, as well as sand volleyball, and bocce ball courts.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Developers of master planned communities used to stick with the motto – the bigger the house, the better. For many of today’s homebuyers, however, square footage is not a priority. Developers of new master-planned communities, like Light Farms, understand that each homebuyer has his own vision of what the ideal home looks like.

To meet this demand, Light Farms and other master-planned communities in North Texas, offer a wide range of home design styles for homebuyers to choose from. At Light Farms, residents can choose home designs ranging anywhere from $290,000 to over $1 million. Not only does this allow homebuyers to choose the house design that is right for them, but it brings diversity to the community.

Memorable Experiences

Today’s leading master planned communities are all about providing experiences. At Light Farms, for example, residents have access to everything from an 11-acre lake, complete with a fishing dock and sandy beaches to designated picnic areas and playgrounds to multiple swimming pools, miles of hiking trails, and even a dog park. Light Farms residents can even shop for fresh produce at the on-site Farmer’s Market, grab a bite to eat at The Farm Stand Market, Bar & Kitchen, or sleep under the stars at the community campground.

Master planned communities of North Texas are tearing down the walls, removing the gates, and replacing country clubs with communal areas and green space for residents to come together and experience the simpler things. These communities really do have it all!

Learn more about how master planned communities in North Texas are getting creative with the traditional home-buying process. Book a tour of the Light Farms community today.

Interested to read more on this topic, check out the article posted on the Dallas Business Journal website here.

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