The Celina Record’s Article Featuring Ben Rogers’ Move to Light Farms!

By February 23, 2016 No Comments

In case you didn’t know, Ben Rogers of 105.3’s The Ben and Skin show has taken over our twitter page to document his & his family’s move to Light Farms. This past weekend, Celina publication The Celina Record interviewed Ben Rogers and his family for a featured article (which made the cover!) on their move to Light Farms and why they love it so much, as well as what it’s been like working with Republic Property Group in chronicling his journey from “foundation to finish line”.

“It became like a point of pride. I was an ambassador for this. I was talking about it everywhere,” he said last week while standing in the living room of the home, which is still under construction. He, his wife Kat and their three children are scheduled to move in later this month. “I truly believe in this place. I love it,” Rogers said.

Wow – thanks, Ben! Read Celina Record’s original article, titled “`Ben and Skin Show’ co-host Rogers, family chronicle move to Celina”, here!