Explore the Parks of Light Farms: Intro

By March 20, 2017 No Comments

Today is March 20, otherwise known as the Spring Equinox, or, the first day of Spring! One of our most favorite things about Spring is the outdoors. Flowers bloom, grass grows greener and the air is fresh. And: PARKS. It’s no secret that parks are good for you and your family. Just being outdoors in an open area tends to bring out the kid in all of us, whether we’re walking, playing, flying a kite, or just relaxing on a blanket staring at the sky. Parks are beneficial on so many levels – personal, family, community and environmental. Read on to learn each!

Did you know that just being in a park has a restorative effect on our bodies? Being outdoors tends to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduces stress, increases happiness and is just good for our overall mental health. And who doesn’t want that? Being outdoors also promotes a more physically active lifestyle, which helps keeps us fit and healthy. Also, spending just 10-15 minutes a day in the sun can increase our body’s vitamin D level.

Your family can benefit from park play in countless ways, too. Kids learn to interact with other kids as well as bond with their own families! Playing in parks helps kids spurs creativity and teaches them hand-eye coordination. Parks are especially great for kids with ADHD or other learning challenges as they play and learn in a more hands-on approach, where traditional classrooms may not be as conducive to their learning style. And a great benefit for parents, especially of very active kids, is all the running and playing in a park can burn off all of that excess energy!

Communities also benefit from parks as they add beauty to the neighborhood (and increase property value). Parks are a great place to meet new neighbors or hang out with the neighbors you already know. Neighborhood picnics in parks are an excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon and are beneficial to the collective mental health of the neighborhood.

Parks are wonderful for the environment, too. Not only do they protect the natural ecosystem, the trees and green areas work to increase air quality while reducing urban heat. A reduction in urban heat helps to lower energy consumption – a big money saver, especially during our hot Texas summers.

So now that winter is behind us and Spring is springing, it’s the perfect time to start exploring the parks of Light Farms. If you’re not familiar with our parks and green spaces, don’t worry! This is the introduction to our four-part series, Explore the Parks of Light Farms. Throughout the remainder of March and into April, you’ll get a front row seat in touring what makes each park special, see just how we celebrate nature & wide open spaces and how we up the game of being outdoors at Light Farms. #lovelightfarms #getoutdoors