Explore the Parks of Light Farms Part III: Graham Park + Pocket Parks

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Pocket Parks

In the 1960s with the expansion of urban areas and the decrease of green spaces, pocket parks started popping up, mainly in residential areas. These small parks were a great neighborhood alternative to larger city parks. They became an informal gathering place where kids could play and parents could meet and socialize with other people in their neighborhood.

Pocket parks are gaining popularity, not only within cities around the world, but also in our rapidly growing suburban areas. Studies have found that pocket parks have a positive influence on the neighborhood by increasing the value of the nearby homes. The National Recreation and Park Association considers successful pocket parks to have four key qualities – they are accessible to the neighborhood; they allow kids to engage in activities; they are comfortable and have a good image; and they are sociable places. Pocket parks also help to support and protect the ecology and wildlife in the area, as well as help to reduce pollution.

Graham Park

The pocket park in the Graham neighborhood is just one of Light Farms’ hidden jewels. With informal seating and picnic tables in a grassy area surrounded by a circular sidewalk and native plants, it’s a great place to meet up for a fun outdoor dinner or to just enjoy watching the kids play. And it’s only steps away!

Another pocket park is just south of the esplanade in our new Parkview neighborhood, along the trail that leads down to Frontier Parkway. Stop off as you’re hiking or biking to relax on one of the benches as you overlook our 11 acre lake system, or, take a spin on the tire swing, climb on the rope nets or swing on the monkey bars if you’re feeling up for it.

At Light Farms, we strive to create and maintain an environment of “living outdoors” for our residents. With over 150 acres of green space, including pocket parks, greenbelts, playgrounds, an extensive lake system and 18+ miles of scenic hiking and biking trails, we think you’ll agree that our mission has been accomplished. If you and your family are looking for a community that makes it easy & fun to get outside, you’ll find it here… come see how Light Farms ups the game of being outdoors.