February is Heart Health Awareness Month!

By February 21, 2017 No Comments

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to get fit and stay healthy! At Light Farms we have so many ways to help you and your family stay active. Take advantage of our miles of trails for a jog, bike ride… or even give fido a walk! Just 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week will lower your risk for heart disease and increase your quality of life. While it’s still chilly, check out our fitness center to keep moving while staying out of the cold. And when the temperatures warm a bit more, take your kids to The Barn Yard or any one of our many other parks to enjoy the outdoors. Speaking of play, no one says play is limited to kids! Adults, grab your balls & rackets and head to our tennis or pickleball courts, or our basketball or sand volleyball courts. All equipment is available for you to borrow in the Information Center. You can even borrow our bocce set to roll a few on our two courts!

February is a good time to start eating healthier. Join Light Farms’ CSA program and receive fresh, organic, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables for your family. We have Thursday and Friday produce delivery options; check out http://thefarmstandatlf.com/ to learn more and sign up. Replace those sugary drinks with refreshing flavored carbonated water. Add fish to your weekly menu. And oatmeal, especially with fresh fruit, nuts and a few dark chocolate chips added, makes a delicious and quick breakfast.

And remember… if getting healthier sounds too overwhelming, start out by taking small steps. Write down your heart healthy goals and then start with one. When that one becomes a part of your life, add another. Create a list and put it up where the entire family can see your progress. Celebrate reaching a goal by having a heart-healthy picnic. Before you know it, you and your family will be healthier and happier! #lightfarms #activelifestyle #healthyliving