Light Farms Featured in Dallas Morning News Article by Chief Real Estate Editor Steve Brown

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Want an area of North Texas on the rise for the next decade? Here’s a spot for you

So I have a budget of $280K, and I’m willing to commute about 30-35 min in peak traffic. Where would you suggest I look for a house?
Some of the neighborhoods in Mesquite and Garland — particularly closer to Lake Ray Hubbard — still offer good values. And don’t discount areas south of the Trinity River for housing options. Lancaster, Cedar Hill and DeSoto are seeing huge sales volumes as well as northern Ellis County.

Glorifying house flippers helps HGTV, but do most people fail in that business?
The costs will eat you up if you don’t know what you are doing. And as much fun as the shows make it appear, the people who do this work really have to work so hard at it. Still, it’s a great opportunity as long as you don’t get underwater with a purchase and redo.

Of recent housing developments, does one stand out as a good fit for new buyers?
I’ve recently looked at Windsong Ranch in Prosper, Trinity Falls near McKinney, Harvest North of Fort Worth and Light Farms up in Celina. They are all great communities.

Is Fort Worth always going to be just a second fiddle to Plano and Frisco?
There is huge growth going on in North Fort Worth with the Alliance project and others. That will be one of the fastest growing sections of the Metroplex in the next 10 years. Big employers including Schwab and TDAmeritrade are heading north of Fort Worth which will increase demand for housing, etc. in the area. The redevelopment of Fort Worth’s cultural district is also amazing and will accelerate in the years ahead.

Hearing much about developers being interested in big developments in South Dallas?
Yes, they look down there. And there will be some growth in that area. But it’s so much easier for them to just head further out to the next corn field where they can build a project from scratch.

I have to move to your area. What city has new houses by DFW Airport? I have to travel
I would look in North Fort Worth and some of the suburbs up I-35W for housing options. The access from those areas to DFW Airport is great and you don’t have to plow through all the traffic in the Dallas-area to get there. Many new residential communities in the works up there.

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