Soon You’ll Jump, Swing & Slide Your Way to Fun on our Constellation Park Playground!

By December 6, 2017 No Comments
playground constellation park

Nestled in Constellation Park, just over the first bridge, is a magical place where kids can shapeshift, fly, wear invisible cloaks, walk through walls and even teleport… where kids can dream as big as the huge blue Texas sky and play so hard they fall asleep on the way home. Okay, maybe it’s not that magical, but it is a place where kids can jump, bounce, giggle, swing, slide and discover to their heart’s content. Which we think is pretty magical.

The play areas in Constellation Park are “shape”-ing up to be super cool; kinda makes us want to be kids again! Your littles are going to have a blast once the park opens early next year. And stay tuned for updates as the park gets closer to completion!