Light Farms Montessori Academy is NOW OPEN!

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We’ve got some big news… Light Farms Montessori Academy is OPEN! Stephanie Liebbe, Marketing Coordinator at Republic Property Group, snapped a couple pics before heading inside for a full tour last Friday from the school’s Director, Rumya Ravi.

The school provides day care and traditional Montessori schooling with Montessori certified teachers & curriculum for ages six weeks to six years for half-day, full-day or extended day programs. The school features an infant room (6 weeks to 12 months), a 12 to 18 month room, two 18 month to 3 year pre-primary rooms, and three 3 to 6 year old primary rooms. An elementary after school program is in the works upon enrollment numbers, as well as Summer Camps and field trips for the older students. The school has an on-site commercial kitchen where breakfast and lunch is prepared daily, with only fresh ingredients – no canned, no frozen. The grounds also feature a playground, green space for play, and winding sidewalks for kiddos to ride their red Radio Flyer trikes around (there are about twenty ready & waiting). Rumya also said there would be garden plots installed so the children could begin planting their own fruits and vegetables this Spring season.

Currently the school is overstaffed, but once more students enroll, the teacher to student ratio will still be greater than State requirements. Rumya explained their Montessori philosophy and how they believe in hands-on teaching approaches and practical life skills, with less contraptions and more interaction, talking, singing and learning. Their mission is to guide and support the development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically through the Montessori teaching method, and they strive to make each child feel special and at home. Parents can come anytime to observe their children, too. At Light Farms we believe education is so important to the well-being of children, families and communities, so we could not be more thrilled to welcome this fantastic addition.

More on Light Farms Montessori Academy and the philosophy and history of Montessori teaching & curriculum:

Vineeta Bhargava, Owner and Director of the Light Farms Montessori Academy has been providing Montessori education to preschoolers for the past 15 years. Her program follows the method of Dr. Maria Montessori to help children reach their fullest potential by teaching not only academics, but also practical life skills, motor skills and social skills.

Dr. Montessori became Italy’s first female physician in 1896. She initially treated the physical ailments of young children, but quickly became interested in their minds and how they developed. She realized that children are naturally inquisitive and capable of learning by doing. In the 1920s, she developed the Montessori method of education. Her idea was for children to learn by self-discovery and by observing their peers instead of being taught by a teacher. The Montessori method relies on open classrooms that allow freedom of movement, with various work areas scaled to a comfortable child size. Classrooms consist of children of mixed ages being able to choose from a variety of activities and then focusing on a particular activity for a block of time, usually three hours. Instead of grading projects, teachers guide each child and lend support when needed.

Since children develop at different rates, the Montessori method allows each child to gain confidence, learn practical life skills, as well as educational and social skills, in a creative, non-competitive environment. Outdoor learning is also encouraged for motor skill development.

For additional information, visit their website, here, or contact Vineeta Bhargava at 214-718-6659. Light Farms Montessori Academy is located at the southwest corner of Prairie Crossing and Light Farms Way at 3921 Prairie Crossing, Celina, Texas 75009. The school is open year-round, with the exception of major holidays. Hours M-F 7:00am – 6:30pm, main line is 214-851-0200. Call or visit today to learn more!