New Park Announcement: The Chicken Coop

By September 29, 2015 No Comments

Words from our Creative Director, Morgan Staton:

When I was little, my brothers and I used to run down the street to a neighborhood pocket park (provided and designed by the city) and play until we heard my dad whistle to come home at sunset. Sometimes we made use of the pre-fab play set; sometimes we played in the greenbelt creek behind the playground. Either way, some of my best memories are from those days – we were left alone to wander and discover and create things using what we were given in our surroundings. We believe that one of the cornerstones of creating a thriving, connected community such as Light Farms is to implement that same creative use of space. Some of our neighborhoods have activated pocket parks, some just open space to allow the little ones to spread their wings and run around.

One of our newest parks will be an activated playground, and is being constructed in our new Cypress neighborhood. Aptly named “The Chicken Coop”, this park will include climbing structures, a play set and swings to keep the little ones busy at play. Perhaps our favorite inclusion in the park’s design is a unique rooster sculpture by local artist Kate Firth, to be complete by mid-October.

Stay tuned for updates and photos of the progress of The Chicken Coop! We can’t wait for you, your neighbors, friends & family to enjoy it!

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