Reminding Ourselves of What’s Important This Memorial Day

By May 25, 2018 December 19th, 2019 No Comments
memorial day light farms american flag community

At Light Farms, we are proud to be American. We know our residents share the same feeling, and they continue to wow us month after month with new ways of coming together, sharing and helping others in the community.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we hope everyone has a good time with friends and family, splashing in the pool, grabbing blankets & snacks for picnics or BBQs… we also hope that each of you pause and remember those who have fought and sacrificed for our nation’s freedom, which allows us the ability to share such great times in such a great place we can call home.

Thank you to all who have served and all who have fallen. We stand thankful and proud for all you have done for our great county, the U-S-A. #lightfarmsthankful #lightfarmsproud

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