Say Hello To Almanac Park in Our Hazel Neighborhood!

By July 31, 2017 No Comments
almanac park light farms

Have you driven by Almanac Park? Or, better yet, hopped out of the car or off your bike to swing on the swings or run and jump around? It’s so close to being complete… and look how COOL it is! Almanac Park sits in the middle of our Hazel neighborhood (which features beautiful 60’ homes by Britton and Drees), and just because we’re in the midst of new home construction within the neighborhood doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this fantastic park!

Almanac Park is landscaped with trees and native grasses & plants that frame the winding trails and playground, and also has a good- sized green space to play on. But the most unique feature of Almanac Park is the wooden spiral, made up of a series of short wooden logs stacked on the cut ends, perfect for sitting or just wandering through. And drumroll please, this park also has… SWINGS! They’ve already been a huge hit with the kiddos from all over the community that have visited.

At Light Farms, parks, trails, playgrounds and wide open green spaces are nearby, no matter where you are in the community. Haven’t checked out Almanac Park yet? Get outside and play!

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