September 11 Remembrance

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american flag light farms veteran

At Light Farms, our residents show us month after month new ways in which they come together, support their neighbors and reflect the true definition of “community”. We know they are proud to be members of the Light Farms community, and more importantly, proud to be citizens of this great country of ours.

As we come upon yet another anniversary of September 11, we hope that each of you pause and remember those who sacrificed their lives during our nation’s tragedy, as well as those who continue to fight and risk their lives for our nation’s freedom.

We honor the fallen and continue to be strong and proud of this wonderful country we are blessed to call home. And thank you, Light Farms residents, for being a shining example of how to treat others with kindness, generosity and respect. #lightfarmsproud #gonebutnotforgotten #USA

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