Why Spending Time Outdoors Enhances Well-Being and Community

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Nature invokes a sense of wonder. It stimulates our imaginations, inspires exploration and invites engagement with others.

We know it’s beneficial to go outside to recharge. But sometimes our hyper-scheduled lives take over, and we stay put behind four walls.

Here are three powerful reasons to take advantage of the hundreds of acres of green space and fun opportunities right in your backyard at Light Farms.

  • Nature promotes peace of mind.

Nature is a powerful stress-buster. It’s also a proven source of creative inspiration. Fresh air, sunlight and the serenity of nature can also make you a better problem solver, and generally healthier.

Simply put, time in nature makes us happy.

Natural light helps to improve moods, while boosting our intake of Vitamin D. The breeze against our skin relieves worries and reduces anxiety. As does exercise. Get moving and sweat outdoors, and you’ve got a recipe for better mental and physical health. It’ll help you sleep better, too!

Exposure to the elements also restores our waning attention. Scientific studies show nature increases concentration and mental energy.

The magnificence of nature puts life into perspective.

Nature speaks to us in bird song, the scurry of a lizard, the rustle of branches and leaves. Butterflies flit by, reminding us that life is beautiful and ever-changing. Our problems don’t disappear, but they seem to shrink in comparison to the vast landscape, grand horizon and wide open skies.

  • Nature encourages activity and play.

Kids need to get their hands dirty, run around and play loudly. Scientific research reveals that nature and play are critical to physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Plus, nature offers unlimited hands-on learning experiences.

Let’s face it, adults need outdoor play, too.

We all need to spend more time in the world’s greatest playground: the great outdoors. We’re naturally programmed to move, collaborate and play together.

Nature also offers a wonderful stage to inspire imaginations. It invites spontaneous interactions and sparks friendship.

Embrace the environment around you. Swim in your resort-style pools, hike and bike across 13+ trails in your backyard, participate in Saturday activities in the park, and start pick-up games of basketball, bocce ball, pickleball and more!

  • Shared time outside fosters community.

Step outside to form lasting connections to your natural world—and your neighbors.

Light Farms is the kind of place where neighbors know one another by name. After all, relationships and community are key to well-being.

There’s just something about bonding with family and friends in a new light. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the trails, shopping at the farmer’s market, or dining alfresco at chef Graham Dodds’ Farm Stand Café & Market.

The outdoors helps to cultivate community.

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