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With Light Farms Telehealth, The Doctor Is Always In

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With Light Farms Telehealth, The Doctor Is Always In

We are so excited to introduce you to our latest amenity – Light Farms Telehealth. Think of it like most Teladoc services, app-based, user-friendly, but exclusively made for Light Farms residents. This new, innovative service gives you instant access to a network of doctors offering 15+ years of experience, and it may just change the way you and your family go to the doctor forever.


Invest In Your Health

For anyone that is in a constant tug-of-war with your time, you know what a game-changer this really is.  You can access a doctor ANY time. No more getting the doctor’s office voicemail on a Friday at 5:01PM or having to worry about where you’re going to go on the weekends if someone gets sick. With Light Farms Telehealth a doctor is just a call or a click away. You can talk to a physician by phone or online video to get a diagnosis, treatment options and a prescription if needed. This means you save time and money by avoiding waiting rooms. It’s a 10 minute response time, which is pretty incredible. Just use your phone, computer, or tablet to get a quick diagnosis by a U.S. licensed physician.

Minus The Investment

It’s no secret that healthcare is a huge cost to individuals and families. Light Farms Telehealth lets you keep more of the money you would spend on expensive co-pays and doctor visits by giving you quick and affordable access to licensed physicians. It’s a low monthly fee, less than $10/mo that covers all of your family and comes with a ton of additional benefits. To make it that much easier, there’s a community exclusive app that gives you access to Light Farms Telehealth network. Picture this: Your 12 year old is heading home from school and has a bike mishap. You rush home, but by the time you get there he’s already video chatting with a medial professional. He has been guided on how to clean the wound properly. Luckily it doesn’t need stitches. Crisis averted.

A World Without Waiting Rooms

To get started today, register and learn more on our website , read our e-brochure, or stop by the Information Center for a hard copy.

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