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Spreading Kindness At Light Farms One Love Rock At A Time

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Spreading Kindness At Light Farms One Love Rock At A Time

Light Farms resident Erin Petty and her five-year-old daughter Fallon have been creating love rocks to share with the community for years. What are love rocks, you ask? The Light Farms team had the same question so we went straight to the source and sat down with the Petty family, who have been residents of Light Farms for over 5 years. The beloved love rocks were once ordinary river rocks that have been hand-painted and decorated to bring neighborly joy. They are hand-placed by the five-year-old Fallon somewhere special for the next neighbor to find.

A message with impact

What once started as something fun, is now a celebrated tradition in the Petty home. The mother-daughter duo hand-paint these special rocks in their backyard and add encouraging little messages for the residents of Light Farms to find. “How I explain it to my daughter is that someone could be walking along the trails, not really having that great of a day, but then they come across this brightly-colored rock that says “Smile!” and that was the right message they needed in that moment, and it just made them feel better that day,” explains Erin. Erin and Fallon place their love rocks along the walking trails and amenities in the community for unsuspecting neighbors to find. “It’s a kick off to spring, a tradition, and one my daughter will hopefully want to do for a long time. Having those little traditions that she looks forward to is just fun. Oftentimes we’ll go back, and she’ll notice that a rock is gone and then wonder who picked it up, she really loves doing that.” shares Petty.

A Neighborhood Worthy of the word Community

Spreading little symbols of joy is just one of many resident organized activities that reflect the warm and lively spirit of the tight-knit community of Light Farms. “There are a lot of beautiful master-planned communities popping up, but what’s different is the people, and the true community that’s here is just phenomenal. I could tell you story after story of neighbors helping each other out, it’s amazing,” says Petty.

So, if you happen to find yourself taking a stroll along our greenbelt and trails, be sure to keep a keen eye out and you might just find your very own love rock. Don’t forget to pass it along and hide it again, or keep the special belonging for yourself and spread the message instead.

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