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Light Farms Veterans Day Salute: Rod Boyd!

By November 11, 2016 No Comments
Light Farms Veterans Day_Rod Boyd

Light Farms is proud of our residents who served in the military and would like to recognize them.  We begin with our resident beekeeper, Rod Boyd!

Rod has been a resident of Light Farms since 2014. He is currently an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector for a large locally based air carrier. Here’s what Rod had to say about his service:

What branch of service were you in?

RB: U.S. Coast Guard

When and where did you serve?

1968-1974-Hawaii; 1974-1976-Alaska; 1976-1983-Florida; 1983-1988-Texas.

What was a highlight of your service?

Literally being responsible for saving innumerable individuals lives; Vice-President’s Task Force On Drug Interdiction

What advice would you give current service men and women?

To quote a very famous individual “Stay the course”, a career in the military, especially the Coast Guard is extremely rewarding and life affirming.

Additional comments?

I was able to navigate my twenty-year career in the Coast Guard into a second twenty-seven-year career as a successful airline captain flying all over the world.  That career resulted in my current and third, seven-year career in aviation safety.

Thank you for your service, Rod!

Mr. Boyd will be at our Market this Sunday, 11/13 from 1PM – 4PM selling Light Farms Organic Honey!  Be sure to come by and say hello!